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Why Impact Wrenches Are A Must Have Tools For Every DIY-er

Removing of corroded nuts and bolts become incredibly frustrating due to wastage of precious time. Exposed to various climatic conditions over a period, some chemical bonding takes place, making the task of unscrewing the rusted nut, a very difficult task. Even sawing those off might again be tricky due to tight work space. The outcome is excessive time has to be devoted to a relatively straightforward job. The need is to apply right force to have it undone. An Impact Wrench is an answer to your problem. It delivers adequate power than used by hands to speed up loosening and tightening of fixings.
An Impact Wrench significantly reduces the effort and time required to do a job. It is designed to deliver high torque output in short bursts, deriving energy stored in rotating mass. Since the force is applied for a short time duration, much larger torques can be generated. Impact Wrenches are increasingly being employed by many industries, including automobile repairs, construction projects, heavy equipment maintenance and product assembly. Often called a `pulse tool’ it can deliver the right amount of torque needed in assembly or disassemble jobs while reducing the noise levels as compared to the use of hand held wrench. Impact Wrenches can be convenient tools as it results in less fatigue and strain to users.

While compressed air is the most common power source, electric and hydraulic power is also used by impact wrenches. The electric wrenches are either corded to the electricity supply or cordless with a powerful battery affixed to the handle. Initially, Air Impact Wrench was used by race mechanics to remove and refit the wheel nuts at an incredible speed. This type of impact wrenches is used by professionals. It requires an air compressor for large air supply and frequent maintenance for fail-safe use and not suitable for infrequent or home use.

The cordless variety is gaining currency and becoming more popular. Cordless Impact Wrenches are handy, portable and powerful tools. With high voltage rechargeable batteries, this device can perform at the level of Air Impact Wrenches. Cordless Impact Wrenches san wire and can reach inaccessible areas with ease. Due to battery weight, they are bit cumbersome and costly. The cordless type of Impact Wrenches is expected to become less expensive with improved and less massive battery packs in the coming time.

The corded Impact Wrenches are versatile tools as they are powerful and fast. They are less robust than air compressed air powered variety. They are often less expensive than other two types and more suitable for home use where an electric supply is always nearby.

At almost every mechanic’s shop, you may find an air compressor to drive an impact wrench. Impact wrenches are usually available in every standard socket drive size, from small 0.25” for small assemblies and disassemblies, up to 3.5” for large drives used in construction activities. It’s hard to specify the exact size of fitting as it is a function of torque rather than size. Some corroded fixings may require more torque to release it than new clean fixing. However, fixing of small bolts with excessive impacting can easily break them, making the task more arduous. A low torque may be applied to set the fastener little lightly, and final tightening can be performed with a hand-held wrench.

An Impact Wrench saves you time and energy otherwise required with use of an ordinary wrench. For removing some old stubborn fixings usually encountered in in automobile repairs, impact wrenches have brought a significant difference. For an effortless way to do a task without the excessive fatigue, Impact Wrenches are becoming indispensable.